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I’m Jasmine, the owner and maker behind Ocean Peak Designs (formerly known as Kicheko Designs). I actually changed my business name because a lot of people weren't quite sure how to pronounce it. As my business grew I felt I outgrew the name as well.

Ocean Peak Designs
really encapsulates everything my heart desires. I grew up in Australia surfing the south east coast. I fell in love with the water, the waves and the lifestyle. Then of course I decided to move across the world to Canada and try my hand at snow sports. The mountains and the many outdoor activities here in Canada have also earned their place in my heart. 

I love to make, create and inspire customers and other makers everywhere.
My goal with this little business of mine is to provide beautiful handmade pieces, uniquely designed with a quality that lasts while also providing you with amazing customer service. The beauty of small business is knowing who's behind the scenes.

I absolutely love to source unique colours and yarns and only stock small quantities in each to keep things fresh. When you purchase something from me, you know that there’ll only be a few people with similar items. I've switched to sourcing ALL my yarn from other Canadian small businesses who hand-dye their wool. From the wooden buttons, to seed paper tags, handmade pom poms and more, every piece of my handmade items is ALL from other Canadian small businesses. I'm so excited about this switch. With the current climate of our world due to covid and so many other issues, keeping my supplies as local and as close as possible has become a very welcome switch. And as a fellow small business owner, I know what a difference it can make to have a trusted customer base and orders. You truly do support small business by shopping with me

If you're a fellow maker there are some exciting things here for you too. I've branched out into crochet pattern designing. These patterns have been lovingly tested by creatives like yourself, tech edited and then released. They are pdf versions of my patterns and available digitally here on my website, Etsy and Ravelry.

I'm also a retailer of Eucalan wash and Furls Crochet. It's been a goal of mine to make Furls products more accessible in Canada and I'm so excited to offer them. My personal journey with Furls in short is that before I used their hooks, I could barely crochet without having to wear a wrist brace to bed (not great when you have a handmade business and need to make items). They've changed my life, allowed me to do what I love and keep my wrists and hands happy and healthy. Feel free to ask me more about my journey with Furls. 

A little more about me -

  • I started crocheting in 2012. My husband's little sister showed me how to do it and I was ‘hooked’.


  • Our beautiful mountain town of Revelstoke, BC keeps the inspiration flowing. It also keeps me balanced. It's all too easy to overwork and get sucked down the hustle hole, but having such an incredible town to live in, I often desire to get out and enjoy life. While I spent the first few years overworking with this business, 2022 has become the year I choose to be more balanced. 


  • 2023 marks 11 years married. We have 2 beautiful kids and are loving getting outdoors and adventuring more and more each year they get older. I adore my kiddos and absolutely love having them home on the holidays. They're so fun and truly teach me so much about myself. 


  • Proceeds from each purchase made here go to Compassion International, who are a child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty.


  • I’ve also chosen to ship out each order in a fully at-home, compostable poly mailer. The inner liners and labels I print my shipping labels onto, as well as the packing tape I use on my cardboard boxes to ship Furls hooks are also compostable and will break down over time. The mailers are durable, & breakdown in your compost at home. I've always been pretty passionate about leaving a smaller footprint. By choosing more sustainable materials for my handmade items and choosing to eliminate plastic packaging, it really makes me even more excited to ship these items to you knowing it's not adding to the huge plastic issue our world faces. 

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Patterns are also available on Etsy, Ravelry and Lovecrafts.com 🙂

Thanks for all your love and support. It means the world to me and my little family x